Monthly Archives: September 2014

My Sunday


Has been nothing but lazy.
I woke up and went to church. Worship was incredible.
And then I came home and spent my entire day reading blogs and watching the netflix series “Revolution.”

I don’t really have much to say today. My brain is pretty much on overload from all the reading I’ve done.
But tomorrow’s Monday, and I vow to make it an incredible week.
You do the same.

I love you all.

It Gets Easier

And I know how impossible it is to realize that when something heart breaking is happening in your life. But don’t give up. Don’t give into the Devils sly ways of making you think that this feeling will last forever. It won’t. You’re going to be fine. You are loved. Not just by the physical world, but by the spiritual world. Jesus does not set one up for failure. Smile more, pray more, look up and praise God. And even if you have no reason to give thanks… Say thank you for the cross.
You’ll look back on this situation one day and be thankful because of how it changed you. Your current battles are making you stronger.


Things To Remember:

  • Just because you wake up feeling like a failure doesn’t mean you are one.
  • Just because people change doesn’t mean you have to let abusive people back into your life. Love them from a distance
  • It’s okay to share your feelings in a relationship.
  • Jesus is good even when I do not see it, and even when i do not hear Him.

If you are feeling low today, look to Jesus. If you are filled with shame and guilt, look to Jesus. If fear be dormant in your soul, look to Jesus. If you have lungs with air and a heart that beats, look to Jesus. For only in Him is there everlasting refuge to be found. 

I love you all.

A Dose Of Frustration

I’m not a negative person by any means. I’m typically always smiling or laughing. However, I am human and i do have my downward spirals every once in awhile.
The lack of consideration in men is just what’s really getting to me today. No, I’m not talking about men my age.. I’m talking about adult men who are well past their teenage years and should already have a life established for themselves.
1. If a man decides to get married, you know, make COVENANT, with a female… Then you need to honor that decision. You need to honor your vows. You need to honor that promise between you, that woman, and God.
Yes. God. Your marriage isn’t about you and your wife, it’s about you and your wife HONORING God. GROWING in God. SERVING for God. TOGETHER. And if you can’t grasp the concept that that’s how God calls our marriages to be… Then you’re not ready for marriage.
2. If you’re a father, and you have made the conscious decision to have kids… Or maybe it was an accident (you made the decision to have premarital sex knowing that there was a risk of having a child.) It is your duty, your obligation, your responsibility to follow through with the outcome. It stuns me how many children are growing up without fathers. Do you not realize that you are an essential to life? Do you not realize that we need male figures like fathers to be able to learn how to trust men? To know what to look for in a husband? Do you know that leaving your child is damaging? Who is supposed to protect us until we find our husbands? Who is supposed to walk us down the isle? Who is supposed to be our children’s grandfather?

This applies to women too.
Actually… This just applies to everyone. There are way to many deadbeat people in this world who are running away for their own selfish reasons. How about instead of running away and hiding when things get bad, your turn to God. You cry out for help. You seek for answers from God.
Put down your marihuana joints, turn away from the liquor bottle, and do everyone a favor and get your freaking life together.
Drugs and alcohol aren’t going to do that for you buddy. Only God will.

Overcoming Bitterness

If there’s one thing I’ve really learn to overcome, it’s learning how to care. 
I use to have an ice cold heart. It would take a lot for me to even shed a tear. I had this giant wall up, and it was my mission to not let anyone even peek over that wall. People could tell me the worst of things about myself and I wouldn’t even retaliate. Not only was I lacking any sort of emotion, but I was one of the meanest girls you could come across. 
But you see, that’s the cool thing about Jesus. He will come in and break down any walls you have and completely transform your heart. He’s made me care, and most importantly, he’s made me love.
Today I was driving home from work, and I got to experience how heart broken God really is. He gave me a glimpse of his heart and it took everything I had to not have a panic attack while driving. I tried really hard not to cry, but I bawled my eyes out. And I can’t even begin to explain to you how stupid I felt. I didn’t even know what I was crying about. I don’t know if He was just trying to show me something, or if it was just because of how insensitive I’ve been to 9/11 all these past years. But I’m thankful for that experience. 
I’m thankful to be sensitive. I’m thankful to have the ability to care.

Depression & Anxiety

I hate depression/anxiety what ever it is. I hate it. Its stupid. Its the devil, and the devil is stupid. No one deserves to be opressed by this terrible feeling. It has no room in our lives. Were too busy for this. We spend our time loving people like Jesus loved people. We spend our time spreading the word of God and being the hands and feet of Jesus. What makes the devil think we have any time for his stupid games. I pray that people are released and healed from depression and anxiety. I pray that our Lord God just completely floods us with his  grace, and drowns the depression and anxiety in his love. I pray that people are set free and these chains are broken. I pray that people are able to see their worth in this dark world, and turn their lives around so that they are able to live abundantly and peacefully. I pray that there is an overwhelming happiness in each and every one of your lives. I pray for laughter and smiles that never fade. I pray that everyone is overjoyed by the love of God and the fact that Jesus Christ died for our sins. I thank you Lord God for your sacrifices you have made for ourselves. I thank you for putting up with our selfishness and never leaving us. You are so mighty and so wonderful.