Depression & Anxiety

I hate depression/anxiety what ever it is. I hate it. Its stupid. Its the devil, and the devil is stupid. No one deserves to be opressed by this terrible feeling. It has no room in our lives. Were too busy for this. We spend our time loving people like Jesus loved people. We spend our time spreading the word of God and being the hands and feet of Jesus. What makes the devil think we have any time for his stupid games. I pray that people are released and healed from depression and anxiety. I pray that our Lord God just completely floods us with his  grace, and drowns the depression and anxiety in his love. I pray that people are set free and these chains are broken. I pray that people are able to see their worth in this dark world, and turn their lives around so that they are able to live abundantly and peacefully. I pray that there is an overwhelming happiness in each and every one of your lives. I pray for laughter and smiles that never fade. I pray that everyone is overjoyed by the love of God and the fact that Jesus Christ died for our sins. I thank you Lord God for your sacrifices you have made for ourselves. I thank you for putting up with our selfishness and never leaving us. You are so mighty and so wonderful.


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