Let me ask you something.
What are your motives for some of the things that you do?
Go ahead, ask yourself.
What are your motives for spreading a rumor you heard about so and so today?
What are your motives for not liking someone?
Be honest with yourself. Maybe you’re just a little jealous because someone has something you have? Maybe not.

Now ask yourself what your motives are for facebook/instagram/Twitter.
Are my motives to get likes or followers?
Are my motives to be nosey?
Are my motives to seek for acceptance and approval?

I’ve come to the realization that maybe those are my own motives. Maybe those are your motives too.
Why do I need approval from people.
Why do I need to feel accepted by people I don’t see on a daily basis, or even from people Ive never even met?
I only need to be accepted by God. Gods not on social media.

Maybe our motives should be for ministry purposes. Maybe social media is in our lives to spread his word easier.

Think on that for awhile. And before you do anything in life that may be “unbiblical thinking” go ahead and ask yourself, what are my motives for doing this?


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