Day 3 in Uganda (an entry in my journal)

Today was hard. Today was my last day in the village of Konkolee where our sponsored kids reside. For the past 3 days I’ve spend this time dancing, singing, laughing, crying, throwing glitter, getting trampled on by hundreds of kids who want glitter, playing games, holding hands, cuddling, smiling, and loving these beautiful coffee colored children. Their smiles light up the sky. Their glassy eyes capture your soul. Their happiness is contagious. There is one little girl who has been holding my hand these past three days. I can’t understand her name, it’s in lugandan but the language barrier doesn’t keep us from loving each other. Gods love surpasses all language barriers. I gave her a necklace before I left so that she will remember the crazy mzungu (white person) that couldn’t stop crying when trying to say bye to her. These kids are just so special. They’re so affectionate. They crave to just hold your hand, or be on your back, or to wrap their frail little arm around your neck. The ones who do speak English will constantly tell you “take me with you, I will work for you.” And it doesn’t make leaving any easier. They say “I love you, please stay” and it literally rips your heart in half. I have been crying for roughly 3 hours now. My heart is completely broken to know that I won’t see these children for another year. I don’t want to go home. The only reason I would want to is to see my family, but other than that I have no desire to go home. How can I ever live like I lived before after seeing the conditions that these children live in. Dirt floors. Mud houses. Straw roofs. No shoes. Extended bellies due to parasites from the green water they drink. These memories and visions are going to haunt me for the rest of my days. I know God is doing a major work in my life right now. He’s brought me across the world to show me a new kind of love and passion.

The joy I have to be here is incomprehensible. I cry simply because I’m just so happy to be here. Though the sadness of leaving these kids, I’m still the happiest girl on the planet. Every day in Uganda is different. Every day is exciting, but through it all, there is one constant – love. The love of the children and the love I feel welling up inside me every time their little hands curl around mine – the love of God


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