Monthly Archives: July 2015


I am the kind of girl who will write her thoughts on to good old fashioned paper. Usually in the most vintage looking journal I can find. This whole typing my thoughts on to a screen is actually fairly difficult to me. Simply because the lack of authenticity. I feel like too many of us have our heads stuck in our phones way more than we should, so I like to actually sit down at a table and hand write my thoughts. I enjoy it because you can usually see my expression within my handwriting. If I’m angry, Its usually messy cursive. If I’m thinking quickly, my letters are usually slanted as if they’re racing off the page. When I’m happy, I tend to doodle a lot and make sure my handwriting is completely symmetrical. 

Therefor. Blogging has always been difficult for me, so I humbly apologize for the lack of posts lately. 

For now. I pray that you are enjoying your summer to your fullest compacity and walking in nothing but love. 

– Megs